Cites ‘huge impact’ of past walkouts in letter to inside workers

Vancouver City Manager Judy Rogers has personally written a letter to inside city workers, pleading with them to vote against striking when they toss their ballots tomorrow.


“I respect the strike vote you have taken and your right to strike, but I simply can’t imagine how anyone benefits from going down that road,” reads the letter, which was dated Monday and obtained by Metro Vancouver yesterday.


The city has offered its 3,500 inside workers a 10-per-cent wage increase over 39 months with no reductions in benefits.


Incidentally, Rogers’ salary jumped from $197,000 in 2004 to almost $319,000 in 2006.


Inside workers include auto mechanics, administrators and librarians.

In her letter, Rogers notes that past strikes — typically lasting six to eight weeks — have disrupted civic projects and had “a huge impact on the lives of our residents.”

Rogers also invites workers to ask her “hard questions,” promising to answer all e-mails. Meanwhile, the city returned to the bargaining table with the union representing outside workers yesterday.

City spokesman Jerry Dobrovolny said the union’s decision to return to bargaining was a “positive step.”

“We continue to believe that we can reach a negotiated settlement and avert any possible job action,” he said in a release.


  • The 1,800 outside workers, including garbage collectors and parks employees, will be under an overtime ban and a work-to-rule order starting tomorrow.