Rather than all-out banning plastic bags from Calgary, last night city council voted to support a report about how Calgary could reduce single-use plastic bags.

Ald. John Mar looked to clarify earlier media reports that he sought an outright ban of the plastic sacks in Calgary.

“I’m not looking to eliminate plastic from the lives of Calgarians,” said Mar, who brought forth the motion to council last night.

“We just want to look at what the best practices are globally and what the city can do.”

Ald. Dale Hodges asked council to take a specific look at single use and distributed plastic bags, as opposed to the plastic bags used to house domestic garbage and placed on the curb for weekly pickup.

Mar has looked into the impact the reduction of plastic bags will have on Calgarians and received feedback on the issue.

“What we’ve been hearing from groups is ‘bravo’ from one side and concern from how it will affect their business on the other side,” Mar said.

It was the consultation and proposed co-operation with city businesses that garnered the support of the report from Ald. Ric McIver.

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