The city has ordered the owners of a downtown condo site to find out how bad a sink hole has become.

The sinkhole was first found at the Gateway Midtown condo project April 24 at 517 10th
Ave SW.

The order requires the site owners to take the scaffolding and construction site offices off the east side of the site, and to remove the sidewalk in order to get a conclusive engineering report on the condition of the earth behind the shoring walls, the city says in a release.

Exposing the earth below the sidewalk and east side of the construction zone is required in order to get an accurate understanding of the extent of the voids.

“We are working with the new site owners to determine what caused the sinkhole, and also what needs to happen in order to maintain the safety of the excavation and the road itself,” said Kevin Griffiths, the city’s manager of building regulations.

The road adjacent to the site was closed the afternoon the sinkhole was first detected and will remain closed at 4th Street SW, between 10th and 11th Avenue SW until further notice. The sidewalk on the west side of the road will remain closed.

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