Pedestrians who jaywalk or ignore don’t-walk signals downtown are being targeted in a bylaw crackdown.

Both city peace officers and the Edmonton Police Service will be ticketing people. The fine is $250.


“Enforcing the law is a critical piece of promoting pedestrian
safety” says Kerry Nisbet, the city's operations coordinator for corporate security. “On average, there is one pedestrian
struck by a vehicle every day in Edmonton. Most of these collisions
cause injuries and can even be fatal.”

From 2004 to 2006, 57 Edmonton-area residents were killed in
pedestrian-motor vehicle incidents. In that same three-year period, 336
pedestrians were hospitalized and 1967 visited emergency rooms because
of being struck by motor vehicles.

In 40 percent of the accidents, the
pedestrian was either jaywalking or violating the “don't walk” signal.

The crackdown runs from May 11 to 15.