A plan to make residents split costs with the city when it comes to fixing alleyways behind homes is being floated by administration.

Residents are right now responsible for the full tab to fix problems in the alleys behind their homes.

But the city’s transportation operations manager told a council committee yesterday that no neighbourhoods have signed up in years to get any repairs done.

The city is only responsible to fix safety “concerns” along alleyways, says transportation manager Brice Stephenson.

And since no one has signed up to get any problems fixed, Stephenson says a good chunk of the city’s back laneways are in dire need of fixing.

“The current information I have says 36 per cent need reconstruction and another 26 per cent require an overlay,” said Stephenson.

Coun. Karen Leibovici said in the meeting that she doesn’t like the plan because it should be paid for through property taxes.

“These alleys are used by garbage trucks ... they’re used by utilities,” said Leibovici. “There are many uses for these alleys. They’re roads.”

A report from administration will be given to council later this fall on the plan.

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