There’s a political storm brewing between the pro­vince and the city of Toronto, which is about to enter the penny-pinching era of new mayor Rob Ford.

Critics are calling the provincial Liberals deadbeats for failing to come up with the cash they promised to pay the city to help cover the cost of administering welfare for 2010.

Finance Minister Dwight Duncan fired back yesterday, saying Toronto is entitled to much less than the $53.7 million that some city officials claim is owed. The province “agreed in principle” to share in the costs of administering Ontario Works, but the amount was never set in stone, he said.

He said the province is prepared to work with the city to “come to terms with what the appropriate amount is.”

A spokesman for Duncan said the province has already allocated $400 million for the coming year to help municipalities pay for the costs of administering the welfare program. Tor­on­to is receiving $135 million for welfare payments, said Andrew Chornenky.