Summer is construction season — and the city is promising a particularly hot one in 2008.

Mayor Larry O’Brien announced yesterday that Ottawa would spend a record $360 million on dozens of repair and renewal projects in 2008, as the city tackles the problem of aging infrastructure across much of the municipality.

The city has also approved a two per cent levy over three years dedicated to infrastructure renewal, said O’Brien, who outlined the city’s ’08 infrastructure plans yesterday against the backdrop of a construction site on Wellington Street.


The levy will generate $120 million by 2010 and $20 million raised this year will see an investment of $13.5 million in road and bridge rehabilitation.

In total $53 million will go toward road and bridge rehabilitation and more than $140 million will go toward water and sewer rehabilitation this year.

And in 2009, O’Brien would like to “take the number and move it up slightly. We’ll see what our financial capabilities are.

“Like all major Canadian cities, Ottawa needs to renew … aging roads, bridges, water mains and buildings. We’ve all seen the results of not investing in the sewage system from the spills,” O’Brien said.

The mayor unveiled new, improved construction signage bearing the municipal logo and the city is offering an enhanced feature on its website for residents to access information on construction projects, including details on road closures.

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