Drivers and city crews are gearing up for the token Edmonton season change — from winter to roadwork.

Maintenance workers have begun to fill potholes ’round the clock. Officials say recent favourable road cond­itions mean the dawning of the pothole apocalypse right around the corner.

“The potholes haven’t gotten as bad as they’re going to get,” said director of city roadway maintenance Bob Dunford. “During the spring thaw is when we’re going to see them really bad.”

An army of 3-1-1 operators is gearing up for pothole complaints, which trickle through phone lines each year as the ice begins to melt.

In the first two months of 2009, crews repaired 14,000 potholes — 1,500 less than last year.

“In the last couple of years, a lot of funding has gone into the repaving of roads — we’re starting to see some of the benefit of it,” Dunford said. “It’s something we have to keep up, because we want to see the overall condition of roads at a better state.”

To lodge complaints about potholes around the city, dial 3-1-1.