Toronto is refunding just over $2 million to the families of 45,000 children who’ve missed out on city-run day camps, swimming and youth leadership programs because of the municipal strike.

“We understand that having to cancel city-run day camps and other programs has been a significant inconvenience for families,” city manager Joe Pennachetti said in a statement Thursday.

The city has started the process of refunding the money for the 4,425 cancelled programs.

All residents who paid by credit card will be credited, while those who paid by debit, cheque or cash will be mailed cheques.

A $10 cancellation fee that normally applies is being waived.

Parents will be getting money back for such things as a nine-day adventure camp that was to start June 29 for children aged 6 to 10 at a cost of $269.

The city is refunding money for programs that would have taken place between June 22 and July 17, and says all of the funds should be returned by month’s end.

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