After plans fizzled to fine drivers who were excessively idling last year, city councillors have decided to give the idea another look.

City council will hold a public hearing on the proposed idling bylaw this fall after city staff conduct a further review of how the law can be enforced in Edmonton.


In a report, city administration said an effective anti-idling bylaw could be a good fit for Edmonton, but it wouldn’t compare to smaller municipalities like Jasper where similar bylaws are in place.

City administration says the amount of traffic in the city could present a challenge for bylaw officials to crack down on excessive idlers.

Michael Kalmanovitch, a member of the Edmonton Bicycling Commuters, says administration is wrong because a bylaw that fines people for excessive idling would be a huge boost for the environment.

"When councillors first talked about it, they said they wouldn’t like to implement a bylaw because it’s not really enforceable," he said.

"Well, look at the anti-smoking bylaw. How many times have you seen them out there, or the anti-littering bylaw. Something like this needs to be in the books."

Coun. Don Iveson told reporters yesterday he’s in favour of an excessive idling bylaw.

"It’s not that idling is wrong in some circumstances, but there are excessive situations around there, especially around convenience stores and schools where it’s not unreasonable to get people to turn off their cars for a few minutes rather than leave them going," said Iveson.

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