Public input is being sought in the preservation of park areas in the city’s beltline area.

Ald. Brian Pincott will present a motion to city council today asking for further public opinion regarding the preservation of a beloved park in Ward 11.

The area of River Park, Sandy Beach and Britannia Slopes has deteriorated over time and needs to be addressed, according to Pincott.

“It’s had a lot of use over the last number of years,” he said. “It is truly a park that is being loved to death.”

Sandy Beach Park holds special memories for six-year Altadore resident Tracy Levasseur. It’s home to her husband’s memorial bench.

“People respect this area, they really do,” she said. “It is a community environment.”

While the city’s parks department has taken on plans to redevelop the park following a period of public engagement last year, Pincott said there needs to be more input from the community members.

Pincott said his office has received plenty of feedback from Calgarians who said they didn’t feel as though their voices had been heard in regards to the redevelopment of the area.

Some of the main areas of concern are the “severe erosion” of the riverbank and Britannia Slopes and getting invasive plant species such as caraganas under control, according to Pincott.

“Ultimately, we all need to work together to be stewards of that park.”

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