Aside from a lot more funds for social housing infrastructure for Ottawa Community Housing and a few more recreation projects, the city's priority list of ready-to-go infrastructure projects will pass to Queen's Park unchanged from the list presented last month.

On Wednesday, city council unanimously approved the prioritized list of nearly $500 million in infrastructure projects, $137 million in social housing improvements, $58 million in recreation infrastructure, and around $30 million in cultural initiatives.

Topping the infrastructure list are projects from the first phase of the rapid transit plan — extending the southwest Transitway from Fallowfield to Barrhaven, a tunnel at Baseline Station and pedestrian walkway over Woodroffe Avenue.


Extending Hunt Club Road to Highway 174, and several new pedestrian and cycling paths were also high on the list.

To qualify for funding from the federal economic stimulus package, each project must be construction-ready and must be completed within the next two years.

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