Toronto can expect more hot and humid weather today as temperatures continue to be in the low 30s, feeling closer to 40 C with the humidex.

Environment Canada forecasts similar weather conditions as yesterday with the likelihood of smog and humidex advisories. They are predicting a UV index of 8.

This streak of hot weather is expected to continue until tomorrow, significantly higher than the average maximum of 23 C at this time of the year. At 2 p.m. yesterday, Pearson hit a high of 32.6 C, just shy of the record of 33.3 C in 1973.

During yesterday’s advisory, Environment Canada advised anyone with heart and lung conditions to reduce or reschedule strenuous outdoor activities.

The cooler weather is expected to roll in on Saturday with a high of 17 C, said Environment Canada officials.

This could be the last heat wave for the summer as officials are saying September temperatures will only reach the high teens and low 20s.