The mystery behind where Calgarians property tax dollars are going can now easily be solved with a new website launched by the city.

The Tax Talk website, launched on the eve of Calgary’s 2010 budget discussions, is intended to “help Calgarians understand where their tax dollars go,” according to a statement released by the city.

“It is an excellent tool for Calgarians to put their property tax in perspective,” said Gord Lowe, chairman of the city’s finance committee.

With a proposed increase of at least 4.8 per cent on property tax coming with council’s budget decisions, the Tax Talk site comes at the right time to answer basic questions Calgarians may have, Lowe said: “With the ability to measure their property tax against 14 other Canadian cities, Calgarians gain an important look at how they sit in relation to the rest of the country.”

The site enables Calgarians to enter the amount of property tax they pay and then breaks down that amount, dollar by dollar, into how much each citizen contributes to specific city services.