The City of Edmonton is reminding residents to protect the
environment and the safety of others by securing loads hauled to the
landfill this long weekend.

Debris can fall off unsecured loads on to
the road, creating litter and a hazard for other drivers.

driving with an unsecured load could also end up with a costly fine.


Anything hauled on the outside of a vehicle must be secured using
tie-downs, a tarp or a cargo net to make sure nothing falls off.

material like dirt or gravel must be completely covered with a tarp and
should be at least 75 mm below the top of its container. Tie-downs and
tarps are available at most local hardware stores for less than $20.

“A lot of people don’t take the time to properly secure their load,
which is really unsafe,” says Dallas Holroyd, coordinator for the
Community Standards Peace Officers. “If an object falls off a truck on
to the highway, it puts the drivers behind in danger. Even if someone
is only going a block, they need to make sure nothing will fall off
their vehicle.”

Community Standards Peace Officers will be spending the May long
weekend at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre and out on city streets
stopping drivers with unsecured loads.

Officers will also be looking
for people illegally dumping waste, especially around the landfill
boundary. The fine for driving with an unsecured load is $250, while
the fine for illegal dumping ranges from $250 - $10,000.

Residents can dispose of waste at the following locations this weekend:

  • The Edmonton Waste Management Centre is open from 8am-5 pm on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
  • Eco Stations will take bulky or household hazardous waste like furniture and old batteries from 9am-6:30pm on Saturday.
  • The Reuse Centre will take certain reusable items from 10am-4 pm on
    Saturday. Visit for a list of accepted items.
  • Yard clippings, regular household waste and recycling can be put out for regular collection.