If you’re Blackberry and
e-mail savvy and you drive around the city a lot, then this text is for you.
The city recently launched a pilot program that sends traffic updates by e-mail and text messaging to reduce traffic jams around the city.
Duncan Berndt has been using the program for years as part of a pilot project, and said it helps him be more efficient as a real estate agent.
“It allows me to plan my day and my routes because I drive all over the city. It’s great because it allows me to get to where I’m going on time, which is important,” he told Metro.
Berndt relies on the texts daily and said he recommends anyone who drives the city streets to do the same.
“There’s no reason not to get it. Especially people who take different routes every day, they would find this really helpful to avoid accidents and construction.”
Judy Yu, the city’s transportation system engineer, said the project is a five-month trial costing the city $10,000. The company providing the software also pitched in $10,000.
“It’s going to be a way for motorists to avoid traffic congestion and help ease some of the roads when there are accidents or stall,” she said.
The project launched on Friday and will send customizable traffic updates about major roads such as the Deerfoot.
For more information, visit www.calgary.ca.

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