Alberta’s capital city will have a thriving arts community, a clean environment, big, beautiful parks, a powerful economy and a unique look when it comes to urban design in 2040, as stated in the city’s 30-year vision unveiled yesterday by city councillors.

The new plan, created by the city after getting input from more than 2,200 residents through telephone surveys and workshops, will give councillors a compass when it comes to Edmonton’s strategic planning, said Coun. Karen Leibovici.

“Our city has grown and has moved and is transforming into a city of the future,” said Leibovici. “We are responsible for defining what that city of the future is.”


Mayor Stephen Mandel says some mistakes might be made over time by future councils, but the goal behind the city’s new vision is to make Edmonton an inclusive city with programs that will welcome multi-cultural communities, along with an expansive river valley.

“We hope this vision will allow the flexibility, in those interim steps, to get to that point, but we should always want to get to that point,” said Mandel. “My assumption is that most (future) councils will want to make environment sustainable, most will want to have a good, multi-cultural community, they might have different steps in getting there, but they would still want to get there.”

Council is currently working on the next component of the plan that will include 10-year goals.

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