As the snow starts to fly in the city, it may be the perfect time to get a few more cars off Calgary’s already over-crowded roads.

From Oct. 25 to 29, the City of Calgary is urging drivers to save some money while saving the environment and participate in Carpool Week.

“Carpooling does not require a large commitment,” said Anne Marie Thornton, spokeswoman for

Thornton said other than the obvious environmental benefits, the financial benefits should give people the push to share the ride.

For some Calgary commuters, carpooling is actually more convenient.

City worker Jennifer Quan has been carpooling to work for the past two years and it has saved her money and time.

“It is a little inconvenient but we make it work,” said Quan.

She estimates she saves more than $100 per month but saves up to 30 minutes each day by driving instead of taking transit from her Country Hills residence to downtown.

Others looking to save a few more dollars and decrease their greenhouse gas emissions can check out the new updated site, with more than 11,000 registrants.