From filling potholes on Ontario’s most reviled road to saving Toronto from a potential gush of escaped sewage down the Don River, federal funding may make the difference over the next couple of years.

Rebuilding the cracked Coxwell trunk sewer and repaving bumpy sections of Steeles Avenue are among more than 500 projects technically eligible for federal infrastructure stimulus funding, according to a list distributed to city councillors. Projects on the 12-page list are worth $620 million, with Ottawa contributing one-third of their cost and the city putting in the rest.

The city is now awaiting a final decision on which projects Ottawa will actually fund.

The province had earlier announced it would provide $416 million to buy new streetcars for Toronto. But when the city made the streetcars its sole request from the infrastructure fund, the federal government balked. The vehicles are years away from being built — violating Ottawa’s stipulation that funded projects provide an immediate economic stimulus.

After a standoff, Toronto was told it could submit a list of alternative projects even though the deadline had passed.

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