With a 100 per cent average in math at Western Canada High School, it’s no surprise Jarno Sun’s friends and classmates often ask him for help in the subject.


But, in between acing exams and tutoring friends, the 15-year-old student has also been training for the 48th International Mathematical Olympiad that’s set for Hanoi, Vietnam from July 19 to 31.

Sun will join five other Canadian students to represent Canada at the 98-country event that will host between 600 and 700 students, said Graham Wright, executive director of the Canadian Mathematical Society.

The students were selected from more than 200,000 across Canada from Grades 7 to 12.

“I think it’s going to be a great experience,” said Sun.

“I’m going to meet a lot of contestants that are very good at math. This contest tz will give me a lot more experience and it might help me make the team next year.”

Contestants will be asked to individually solve a total of six problems over two days — three each day with four-and-a-half hours to solve them - and the success of the team relies upon the combined score of the total number of correct answers they come up with for each problem.

The six students were at the University of Calgary earlier this week for a training camp, and will head to the Banff International Research Station at the Banff Centre for more training.