An Ottawa woman has been chosen to represent Canada in an upcoming summit to discuss how girls and women can solve some of the world’s greatest problems.

Just days before the world’s leaders gather for the G20 Summit in Toronto, 19-year-old Leah Stuart-Sheppard will be meeting with her peers from each of the G20 countries at the G(irls) 20 Summit, held in Toronto from June 15 to 18, to discuss three of the UN Millennium Development Goals, which include improving maternal health, eradicating extreme poverty and hunger and achieving universal primary education.

This initiative, which is being led by the Belinda Stronach Foundation, is part of a campaign called 3.3 Billion Ways, based on the premise that there are 3.3 billion girls and women in the world.

“Women can make a great contribution ... If women have the opportunity to add one year of education, her income increases by 10 per cent,” Stronach said.