Citytv has restructured newsroom operations across the country, including several cuts at its flagship Toronto station, with layoffs of a number of employees, including well-known on-air talent and production staff.

According to a story on the website, Anne Mroczkowski, an anchor on CityNews at Six, was let go Monday evening, while the rest of the staff were informed yesterday.

Koreen Ott, director of marketing for Rogers Media Television in Toronto, would not comment on specific personnel matters, but other Citytv staff confirmed Mroczkowski and at least six other news staff were laid off. They include Farah Nasser, Lara Di Battista, Pam Seatle, Marianne Dimain, Merella Fernandez and Michael Serapio.

Rogers did not say how many production staff were let go, although some online estimates ran as high as 35.

“This is the death of local news,” said one former employee. “If Rogers, which has money, is doing this, then what do you think we can expect from the other networks?”

The mood inside the Rogers TV building was grim.

“It’s just awful,” said one employee who was not part of the cuts. “Basically, when Ted Rogers died, so did the vision of Citytv as a national network player.

“Nobody has any vision. The bean counters have taken over and they want to turn us into Omni 3.”

Citytv will continue to produce morning shows Breakfast Television and CityLine across the country, while CityNews at Six and CityNews at Night will continue to air in Toronto, Ott said.