For some people, choosing their next alderman is as important, if not more, than choosing the city’s next mayor.

Last night was the kick-off to Civic Camp’s 15 candidate forums and about 100 people were able to listen and get to know their future Ward 8 alderman and it was an informative night, according to one constituent.

“It’s important to get to know these people because they are who will represent you and they are the people you will communicate with after they are elected,” Daorcy Le Bray said.

Some think aldermen may have a tough time getting re-elected considering the discontent amongst voters as of late, but most aldermen acknowledge it will take hard work to win the voters back.

“I think that some aldermen will have a harder time, depending on how they voted on certain issues,” Ward 10 Ald. Andre Chabot said.

But Le Bray, who follows politics closely, believes aldermen have experience on their side.

“I think it’s easier for them to get re-elected than to lose, because they have a proven track record.”

Ward 11. Ald. Brian Pincott agrees with Chabot and said some aldermen face a tough time, but he says it’s a positive sign that people are engaged this time around.