Meet the condo


  • WHAT Copper Hills

  • BUILDER Preston Group

  • LOCATION Newmarket


  • PHONE 905-954-4050

  • SIZES & PRICING 2,355 - 3,540 sq. ft. detached homes from $537,900 - $651,900.


Classic elements lead a charming design in the model home at Copper Hills.


Designer Flora Di Menna referenced contemporary tastes while maintaining classic styling to create a design at the Newmarket development that feels equal parts fresh and refined.


“I wanted to make the suite clean, classic and yet somewhat contemporary. It’s traditional in look that’s in between a traditional environment and a contemporary environment,” Di Menna said.


Aimed at a slightly older demographic, the suite features finishes and details meant to create a relaxed, calming atmosphere, especially in the main living area.

“We went for comfort, the sofas are large and deep so you can cuddle up. We also kept the walls warm and added a splash of colour above the coffee table and we added a bit of a contrast with chrome,” Di Menna said.

The main palette focuses on greys, taupe tones and browns mixed with cream colours, spruced up with brighter colours in accessories like flowers and combined with traditionally elegant furniture in order to keep the overall design as timeless as possible.

“All of the colours and patterns are on the accessory pieces which are easy to change. The design of the furniture is not funky, they are all solid pieces that can stay for years to come because they’re classic in design,” Di Menna said.

The final look creates a sense of harmony that still feels consistently intriguing.

“There’s a nice marriage between the colour, tones style and the proportions — the way the colours are positioned creates a harmony in the space. Every time you look around there’s a new experience,” Di Menna said.