With a traditional look that celebrates the fabulous over the faddish, the penthouse suite at Aura proves that good taste never goes out of style.

Given the impressive stature of the 11,370 square-foot penthouse model it would have been easy to go overboard with outlandish design, but Rene D’Lesing, designer and principal at GCB Inside, took a more restrained approach that focused on classic good looks and elegant subtlety over a more flash-in-the-pan, vogue design.

“We were trying to cater to very discriminating buyers, the type of potential purchaser who tends to prefer more classic, traditional designs. We like to think that type of buyer is looking for solidity rather than trendiness,” D’Lesing said.


Yet while the suite is traditional in focus, a wealth of modern elements, like brushed nickel hardware, a glass tile backsplash and frameless glass shower stalls, ensure the overall feel is still fresh and invigorating.

“The design philosophy is transitional design — it’s taking classic influences and mixing them with contemporary elements. We wanted the whole end result to be harmonious and I think we accomplished that,” D’Lesing said.

In the kitchen, traditional cream tones in the marble and cabinetry provide classic styling, while details like the concealed fridge embrace a more modern touch. With a colour palette that is mostly monochromatic, the kitchen is meant to feel warm and elegant without feeling forced. D’Lesing also kept glazing and antiquing to a minimum to avoid veering the suite too far toward an overly-traditional look.

The expansive master bathroom features a stand-alone deep soaker tub and latticed porcelain tile flooring to create a look reminiscent of a country mansion.

“The influence was a very strong residential look, taking from what you’d see in a multi-million dollar home and placing that into a high-rise suite. The end result fulfills all the expectations you’d have from any multi-million dollar environment,” D’Lesing said.

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