Over the weekend, more than one billion people took part in the World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour initiative.

That’s why it’s incongruous, said the WWF, that the G8 not put action against climate change on the table.

A group of protesters descended on Parliament Hill to ask G8 summit foreign ministers meeting in Chelsea to discuss the agenda for June’s G8 summit yesterday to talk about climate change.

“The success of Earth Hour year after year shows that Canadians want their government to put greening the economy on the table here at home and when it is a player on the world stage,” said Keith Stewart, climate change director at WWF-Canada.

“There seems to be a bit of a disconnect between this huge groundswell of public support and what’s happening at the political level,” Paulette Roberge, a spokesperson with WWF-Canada in Ottawa said yesterday.

“There’s too much discussion (on climate change) and no consensus on how to approach it. It has to be discussed at a political level,” she said.

The World Wildlife Fund said Canada remains one of the only countries yet to announce its contribution to help poor countries tackle climate change announced as part of the Copenhagen Accord.