Vancouver’s private health care clinics need to be investigated by the provincial government, the Council of Canadians said yesterday.


Painting a picture of restricted access to health care, Guy Caron warned if these clinics continue to proliferate there’s a danger that they will poach staff from the public system.


“(Private) clinicians say they want to decrease wait times and increase access,” he said. But a system where people jump queues by paying for health-care services would only increase public wait times, said Caron.


He added that several Vancouver surgery clinics are breaking the law by charging patients for medically necessary procedures.


Don Copeman, who runs a members-only primary health centre in Vancouver, said Caron is either misinformed or spinning the truth.

He said there’s plenty of medical staff to accommodate a mixed system.

“It’s a fundamental right of Canadians to be able to protect their health if the public system cannot.”

He said the government should be raising the standard of care it provides to that being provided by his clinic.

“There’s huge evidence that progress in our world happens through competition, not through monopolies.”

New president of CMA

  • Dr. Brian Day will officially become the new president of the Canadian Medical Association next week.

  • He was criticized 11 years ago after opening Canada’s first private surgery clinic in Vancouver.

  • Some say the clinic violates the Canada Health Act because it charges for procedures covered through public health care.