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Clinton wins Guam; territory correctly chose last 9 presidential elections

Guam, however, has no influence on U.S. election as it has no electoral votes.

In a landslide, Hillary Clinton has wonthe Western Pacific island of Guam.

The Democratic candidate received 71.63 percent of the 32,071 votes tallied, while Republican Donald Trump garnered 24.15 percent. Socialist third-party candidate Emidio Soltysik nabbed 4.22 percent.

The turnout was roughly 60 percent of the territory’s 52,000 registered voters, according to Nov. 1 voter numbers from the Guam Election Commission.

Guam’s results won’t sway the outcome in the U.S. since the territory isn’t represented in the Electoral College, but it’s interesting to note that the tropical island has correctly indicated the winner since 1980, when its unofficial balloting began.

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