Officials will be looking into how to keep people away from the shore during future hurricanes.

On Sunday police had to shut down several areas because of the high volume of people seeking to watch the swells whipped up by hurricane Bill.

Yesterday morning, Minister of Emergency Management Ramona Jennex said she was concerned someone could be hurt by crashing surf, telling reporters officials will be looking at how to keep people away next time.


“Storms are beautiful and the waves are beautiful, and of course in our sea around Nova Scotia we want to see it," she said. "But I was worried all day yesterday with the waves and people out on the shoreline."

In fact, three young men wandered too close to the crashing waves along Peggy's Cove shortly after hurricane Bill blasted Nova Scotia on Sunday, falling into the cold waters. Two of the teens had to pull their completely submerged friend out of the Atlantic Ocean.

Halifax RCMP called the trio "very lucky" and police responded by keeping the road to Peggy's Cove closed overnight Sunday.

The Mounties said they also had to force several swimmers and a few surfers off the province's beaches.

“So that is a concern and we will be discussing what we can do in the future to try to not have people drawn so closely to a shoreline in a storm," Jennex said.

She said the government has not looked into levying fines as a way to keep people from the water.

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