An Edmonton nightclub has agreed to pay $2,000 in fines after pleading guilty for obstructing an emergency exit.

The city says a fire-prevention officer noticed an exit door at the Laser Express Box nightclub, near 34 Avenue and 99 Street, was sealed shut during an inspection last fall.

Obstructing or locking exits at businesses can prevent or hinder a customer’s ability to leave a building safely during an emergency, said Fire Marshall Ian Sterling in a press release.

“Our fire-prevention officers conduct regular visits in bars, nightclubs and other such premises to ensure compliance with fire codes,” said Sterling.

While situations are encountered at times, the majority of these types of establishments make a real effort to ensure that they comply and don’t get fined.

Businesses can face up to $15,000 for the first offence and up to $30,000 for the second and subsequent offence, said the city.

Fire inspectors inspected 129 nightclubs and bars in the city last year, which resulted in two charges for non-compliance, said the city.

The officers also did 739 operational night patrols that resulted in five charges for non-compliance, said the city.

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