The French singer and Prince look-a-like Sliimy first created a stir on the Internet with his much-cooler-than-the-original cover of Britney Spears’ Womanizer. Since then, he’s scored a record deal with Warner music (his debut album, Paint Your Face,?hits stores on April 16), released a perky music video for his European single, Wake Up (YouTube it), and earned a gaggle of fans worldwide who sweat his cute, colourful and self-described “weird” look. He breaks down the formula for his eccentric style.


Have fun with colour
“Try to find colours that reflect your personality,” says the 20-year-old, who proudly doesn’t work with a stylist. “I wear a lot of red and yellow because they’re mood lifters. They can convey all sorts of feelings from happiness to sadness. Right now, my colours say, ‘I’m happy. I’m child-like.’ You can create a look that literally livens up your life,” he adds.


When all else fails, put on a bow tie
“I love bow ties because they’re smart in a certain way, but they also add humour. So I always wear them because it taps into both sides of my personality, the nerdy and the funny.”


Change it up
If five years from now, Sliimy shaves his head and dumps the glasses, don’t be shocked. “I’m all about change. Five years ago, I looked completely different. And years from now, I could switch to all black. For me, it’s important to grow and change as a person. So I like my clothes to reflect this,” he says. “But I’m also really paradoxical. I have two conflicting sides: the really sober and serious and the really silly and funny. So I’m always trying to balance the two by changing my look up.”