“SunSoul is sports clothing with a twist,” says company president Tim Brown of the clothing line that both blocks bad UV rays and transforms them into something good.

The long- and short-sleeved tees, tanks and hats for men and women come in blue (to help treat acne) and yellow (to help fade sunspots).

Brown says SunSoul’s fabrics are dermatologist-tested and recognized, and are considered a Class 1 medical device, according to Health Canada standards.

He explained the science via email: Simply put, the nylon-based material with cosmetic properties, known as cosmetotextiles, blocks harmful UV rays and then transmits coloured light through the material to the skin.

“Blue light is proven to battle blemishes by eradicating the bacteria associated with acne,” Brown said.

“Yellow light is used for reversing sun damage — red and brown spots on the skin — by penetrating the discoloured spots and disintegrating the damaged cells.”

In addition, the lightweight gear wicks away moisture and allows the skin to breathe. Products, $70 to $115 (U.S.), can be found at www.sunsoul.com.

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