Clover Leaf has created a winner with its Mild Curry flavoured tuna steak.



Mild Curry **** (out of 5)

Fresh Thai Herb ** 1/2

Lemon Pepper **

Price: $2.99

Availability: Nationally in chain grocery stores, such as Loblaws

Try/buy again: Only the Mild Curry flavour


Tuna has been officially liberated from the sandwich. Clover Leaf launched three varieties of Yellowfin tuna steaks, intended to hold its own as a main dish and, essentially, making the bold move from lunch to dinner.

The Lemon Pepper variety falls rather flat and is unimpressive on the palate. The pepper is seen and not tasted, and the lemon flavour is only an initial impression with no follow-through. After the second chew, it just tastes like tuna.

In the words of my dining companion: “It’s generic.”

The Fresh Thai Herb version fares a bit better — hot spicing is a standard go-to for quick flavour. Generally, it suffers from Lemon Pepper’s problem: No follow-through. First bite yields all the spice and all remaining chews are just asphalt-dry fish.

Mild Curry, however, is where Clover Leaf hits it big. The creamy coconut milk keeps the meat moist, tender and a downright silky pleasure. The curry spicing is delicate, almost dainty, but effusive throughout.

Their convenience is unbeatable — 30 seconds in a microwave for a main dish.