Nocturnal, bass-junkie ravers won’t lose their downtown after-hours stomping grounds, as Y Afterhours has given birth to what city officials are calling a “benchmark” for all-night partying.

Two-year negotiations between the city, police and club management ended yesterday, after plans to improve public safety were set in stone.

City officials are applauding the initiatives for heightened security training, police access to all video surveillance, entry and re-entry revisions, calling it a “model they hope other clubs will emulate.”

“Some Y Club patrons were leaving the club to buy drugs, keeping these dealers in the area. This club is right next to a senior’s home,” said Community Standards Branch spokesman Troy Courtoreille. “It’s not about running into ravers, it’s about the fact that people don’t want gang members present.”

In his two years observing the south-facing Impark lot adjacent to the club, Courtoreille said he’s seen “droves” of known gang members, and was offered drugs his first night on the job. “People were walking out of the club at 4 a.m. or 5 a.m. and getting instantly jumped and robbed for no reason, whatsoever,” he said.

Y spokesman Marcus Gurske said the initiatives are an effort to discourage shady activity outside the club, so patrons inside are ultimately safer.

“It’s nothing happening in the club.” he said. “We’re hoping it’ll produce a safer experience when people are coming and going.”