You don’t have to be blind to see the value of this place.

From plastic doodads that keep your socks together in the wash, to electronic wands that identify your CDs or food, a new Toronto store that caters to the visually impaired has more than 200 items to help people navigate a darkened world.

“We’ve got things here that enhance your vision, or replace your vision,” says Geoff FitzGibbon, director of business operations for the CNIB, which runs the outlet at its Bayview Avenue headquarters.

“And we’ve got a whole host of everyday useful items for when you’re home or out and about, which just give you an extra edge,” he says.

The institute ran a number of stores across Canada in decades past, but closed them in favour of mail order and web-based businesses.

“But there are some people who need to see the products, who need to see them and try them. We heard that and we responded.”

While the new Toronto flagship store marks its grand opening this week, the CNIB will have 18 outlets across Canada by year’s end.

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