Our affairs with coffee can get complex, but our coffee consultants debunk some of the myths so you can treat your coffee right.


  • Don’t store your coffee in the fridge. “You know how people put baking soda in your fridge? You can do the same thing with coffee,” says barista Amber Fox. But, “It will absorb all the odours.” Fox recommends storing coffee in an airtight container, in a cool location where light can’t get at it.

  • Espresso is not a bean or a type of roast. Fox notices a lot of people equate “espresso” with dark or gourmet coffee, neither of which is accurate. According to coffee connoisseur Colin Newell, espresso is a brewing method. “Any coffee bean, single origin or blend, can be used for espresso,” he says, “but there is no such thing as an espresso bean.”

  • Don’t use distilled water. Newell explains that the water’s minerals are what the flavour components of your coffee attach to, so distilling your water will only leave your coffee tasting flat.