Few cities take their coffee more seriously than Turin.

And if Wikipedia describes coffee as “a brewed drink prepared from roasted seeds,” then it’s safe to assume the writer has probably never been to Italy.

In Italy, coffee is an art form; a cornerstone of cultural and social life, and an intrinsic part of the daily ritual.


And nowhere is it taken more seriously than in Turin — home of Lavazza.

Here’s our favourite five.

1. Caffè San Carlo
God’s own coffee shop — this place has as much Carerra marble as St. Peters and is twice as opulent. A gorgeous, gilded, chandelier-heavy establishment which has provided amazing service since 1822. Coffee at $1 a cup seems like stealing.
(Piazza San Carlo 156)

2. Baratti e Milano
Looking like a relative youngster at only 151-years-old, the Baratti e Milano is similarly steeped in classiness and history. There’s an old fashioned pride in the way the coffee is served.
(Piazza Castello 27)

3. Caffè Torino
This one is only about 70 years old, but still hugely impressive. There’s a gold bull inlaid in the pavement outside, promising good luck to those who step on his, ahem, cajones. Huge welcome and superb coffee.
(Piazza San Carlo 204)

4. Bar Mokita
It doesn’t try to compete with the history of the big boys, but this bar’s ’70s boutique style is very Turin. It attracts a very cool business/media type of drinker and serves excellent coffee. Great place for a pre-dinner prosecco.
(Piazza San Carlo 217)

5. Caffè Mulassano
It’s a small but perfectly formed coffee shop that is well-used by serious coffee lovers. It has a lovely decor, plush furnishings and countless objets d’art, and, for me, the best espresso in the city.
(Piazza Castello 15)

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