Of the many countries participating in the Vancouver Olympics, add Colbert Nation to the list.

On Monday night’s The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert announced his show has become the primary sponsor of the U.S. speedskating team.

The name “Colbert Nation” — the catchall for the legion of ardent fans of the satirical Comedy Central program — will be emblazoned on the team’s uniforms.

“On their enormous, billboard thighs, it will say Colbert Nation,” Colbert said. “Be looking for that logo as it comes around the final turn. It will be easy to see because it will be in first place.”

The show isn’t paying the team any money directly. Instead, Colbert is calling on his fans for donations.

U.S. speedskating executive director Robert Crowley, who appeared on Monday’s show, acknowledged it was a “definitely unconventional arrangement,” but said it would generate exposure for the sport.

“My character sees the Olympics as war, but nobody gets hurt,” Colbert said. “It’s a way to peacefully figure out who has got the top country.

“It still tragically involves a lot of Canadians,” the comedian said. “It’s kind of unseemly how many Canadians I’m going to have to be dealing with.”

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