Liis Windischmann, a plus-size model, is on Ford Models’ roster.

Q Jill, can you direct me to any websites or recruitment agencies specializing in government job place ment?

A On the Internet, you can easily find sites that specialize in government job placement, both in the private and public sector. Both the Ontario government’s website (www. and explain to you the benefits of becoming a government worker, such as their health plan.

The job opportunities are categorized by city as well as industry. You can apply for almost all positions directly online. Other websites you might want to check out include,, and

These websites will help you understand the history of our government and how various agencies work to assist one another.

It would certainly be to your advantage to have a good working knowledge of government policies and procedures specific to the industry you were looking to work in. I’d also recommend speaking to someone you know who works for the government for an insider’s point-of-view. It is difficult to get hired within government agencies as the turnover is not as high as in other fields. Therefore, knowing someone who can put in a good word for you can surely help. Good luck.

Q: I’m a plus-size female interested in modeling and doing commercials. Could you provide me with a list of spots I could check out for information and hopefully even agency representation?

While everyone seems to think the industry is more inclusive to plus women, I still don’t seem to see that many represented on television, for instance, let alone in mainstream fashion ads.

A: Mona, you are right. While the world of modelling is getting better in terms of diverse representation of plus-size models, there is still much work to be done in getting these representations into mainstream commercials and ads on a regular basis.

You can start by cold-calling local modelling agencies in the city to see if they have a plus division — usually representing models from size 12 and up. Ask them when their open call day is. Open call is the time when they see models without formal appointments.

Visit Ford Models Toronto www.fordmodels.comor call 416-362-9208. They’ve got a 12 plus division. Velocci Model Management (, 416-595-9855) I believe also represents full-figured women.

Velocci open call is on Tuesdays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. B&M Models (, 416-504-5584) has an above average division with open calls on Wednesday from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. and Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sherrida Models Personal Management ( is another resource.

With any agency, I advise you to stick to your gut. If you get a bad feeling or feel you are being talked into signing before having time to think about it, get up and run.

Also, if you see on their site that they’ve got five girls who already look like you, then it probably isn’t the place for you either. You want to stand out on their roster so that when clients want your look you aren’t competing with several other girls at the agency.

Jill Andrew — CYW, BA, BA (Hons.), BEd. Please include your full name, address and telephone number when e-mailing. All letters are subject to publication.

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