More than a dozen people were dunked into a small tank full of frigid water to raise money and food for Edmonton’s Food Bank as yesterday’s windchill hovered around the -25 degree mark.

The annual Realty Executives Polar Bear Dip was more of a dunk at the Royal Glenora Club yesterday as organizers had to bring in a dunk tank and a hot tub since the club’s outdoor pool was slated for renovations under a multi-million-dollar expansion plan.

Dozens of onlookers this year were encouraged to throw balls for food donations at a target to see an unlucky volunteer plunge into the water.

The Edmonton Realty Executives say, despite the changes, the event was still a splash for the food bank.

“It’s definitely chilly, but it’s for a great cause,” said organizer David Schroeder after he was dropped into the tank by his father.

“It’s a bit cool when you get in on the outside, but it warms you up in the inside when you know what you are doing this for.”

Hundreds of people were seen around the pool last year as dozens of volunteers took the plunge into the pool, including an unlucky newspaper photographer who accidentally fell in.

“Everyone who helped out had their own personal reasons for participating either as a dunker, spectator, or volunteer,” said Schroeder.