A little pocket change can go a long way.

Students from Highland Park Junior High in Halifax are collecting coins to help hurricane victims in Newfoundland get back on their feet. Nickels for Newfoundland was an idea hatched at a student council meeting.

“A lot of people raise money for Haiti and since it’s more of a local thing, it’s not being brought to awareness as much — but it’s important,” says Emily Bulley, a Grade 8 student on the council.

Students have been bringing in grocery bags full of coins and teachers are collecting lunch money leftovers everyday.

“We’re having small buckets to see what each grade level can contribute, just as a way to get them going. We have a competitive spirit around here,” says Nicole Hardy, student council advisor and teacher at the junior high.

Highland Park Junior High has raised over $100 for their neighbors in Newfoundland so far. Students will be collecting loose change for the cause at the Superstore on Young Street this Saturday.