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Centennial College offers cultural cooking classes on Monday nights.


The weather outside may be frightful, but taking a class can be delightful.

With New Year’s resolutions top of mind, this is a great time to consider enrolling in a part-time college course to acquire a new job-related skill or pursue a personal interest.

Centennial College is launching a number of new courses this month on top of the more than 1,200 evening, weekend and online courses aimed at working adults who want to advance themselves with a small investment of time.

Toronto is home to a large software development community, so much so that Centennial saw the need for a part-time program in software quality assurance and testing (SQAT).

Don’t know SQAT? Professor Mohamed Khan explains: “As software becomes more complex, there’s a need to establish clear development methodologies. Quality assurance people are now introduced at the beginning of the development process, rather than tacked on at the end.”

The certificate program consists of five courses that usually run on Saturdays to accommodate working professionals.

“Beginners and those who already have an IT diploma/degree, or industry IT professionals seeking formal qualifications, would be interested in this certificate,” says Khan.

In cooperation with the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI), Centennial is introducing two preparation courses for learners who want to become professional financial planners.

The courses are helpful in preparing for the CSI exams. There are no prerequisite courses, but prior investment experience or post-secondary training in finance is recommended.

Centennial offers a variety of first-aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) courses geared to health care providers, emergency personnel and the general public. Sports coaches and even players commonly take CPR — and it always looks good on a resumé.

There are classes almost every weekend as demand is high. CPR training can also be arranged for groups of eight or more people offered in the workplace or alternative location.

Home to one of Canada’s largest aircraft maintenance programs, students can now take part-time courses in piston and turbine engines, aviation and safety regulations at Centennial.

Training takes place in the college’s full-scale aircraft hangar at Ashtonbee Campus, a Transport Canada-approved maintenance facility.

On the fun side, Centennial offers personal interest courses in home staging and renovations, woodworking, qigong for stress relief, cyber security at home and Monday night cultural cooking classes — along with 1,200 other courses.

To make sense of it all, come to Centennial’s free information night tomorrow from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Program representatives and faculty will be on hand to advise about courses and services that fit your needs. The coffee and parking are free, too.

It’s taking place at Progress Campus, 941 Progress Ave., just south of Highway 401 and east of Markham Road.

Resolve to start something new.

For more details about Centennial College’s part-time courses and programs, visit

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