Have a penchant for cars and need a way to put yourself onto the right career path?


Centennial College now offers two pre-apprenticeship training programs that help students, both new immigrants and Canadian citizens, improve their literacy and job-search skills, as well as help them arrange a 12-week job placement at an auto repair shop, car dealership or truck repair facility.


The programs are tuition-free, thanks to funding by the Ontario government.


For the first time, Centennial is expanding its offerings to include Truck And Coach Technician training in addition to its popular Automotive Pre-Apprenticeship training. Both 36-week programs give students knowledge of automotive technology, as well as English and job-readiness skills such as resumé writing.


“Apprenticeship is a major employment growth area due to the large number of skilled workers who are getting ready to retire,” says Wayne Kerr, chair of Centennial’s truck and coach programs. “The government is offering significant tax credits and programs in pre-apprenticeship to encourage employers to hire more apprentices for skills training.”

Pre-apprenticeship training allows people to learn trade-related skills essential to becoming an apprentice.

While Centennial’s pre-apprenticeship programs are tuition-free, students are required to pay a deposit on textbooks and tools. Deposits are returned at the end of the program if they’re successful, and students get to keep their starter tool set. Students may be eligible to collect employment insurance while at college.

Graduates will receive credit for Automotive Service Technician Level 1 or Truck And Coach Technician Level 1, which exempts them from some classes in the traditional apprenticeship program. To be eligible for entry, students must have their Grade 12 diploma, or equivalent from another country, as well as an Ontario driver’s licence.

Applications are being accepted until Feb. 19 for classes starting Mar. 12. For details, call Graham Sparrow 416-289-5000, ext. 7256, or e-mail gsparrow@centennialcollege.ca.