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College: There’s an app for that

Turns out, the best place to shop for back-to-school, could be your app store.

Turns out, the best place to shop for back-to-school, could be your app store. From exam prep to finding delivery options at 2 a.m., your cell phone has become one of the most useful tools you can use at college.

“The evolution of the mobile phone and its encompassing apps has changed the game for the world at large.

In modern days, not only is a mobile phone the most personalized possession you own, but it's a digital backpack,” says Matthew Armendariz, an NYC-based web and software interface designer.

With his help, we’ve found some apps for iPhone that will help you both in and out of classroom. Relax, we know you’re on a budget- they’re free.

Check to see if your school has its own app. For example, NYUMobile features maps, event calendars and campus news.

Have a question but can't remember your professor's email address? This app even offers the student and faculty directory. It's great for any student, especially if you’re new on campus.

Connect with your friends through Fast Society. This app lets you share fun experiences with your friends by connecting through conference calls or recorded voice messages.

Or let your study group know where to meet by sending them your location in a mass text to a single number. It’s great for test prep, too.

“Use the phone's native camera app to take snapshots any pertinent notes. Take a picture of the chalkboard and you'll now have a long-lasting visual reference of the classroom discussion. This is especially useful if you missed part of a lecture, if you're handwriting is below par, or if you are a visual learner,” says Armendariz.

Need a little help choosing classes for your next semester? With Rate my Professors, you can read countless comments about more than 1 million professors at more than 6,000 schools across the country.

Submit your own rating right from the classroom. After all, your professors get to grade you, right?

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