Newly acclaimed Calgary-Glenmore Conservative MLA candidate Diane Colley-Urquhart said “hot dog democracy” will be on her plate in the coming months as she woos voters in a yet-to-be-announced byelection for the city riding.

Colley-Urquhart, currently representing Ward 13 on city council, met with about 30 party faithful at a constituency meeting Thursday evening confirming her Progressive Conservative candidacy in the upcoming race to fill the seat recently vacated by deputy-premier Ron Stevens.

“I’ve got a new challenge ahead of me, and I’m looking forward to it,” said Colley-Urquhart before addressing PC members at the Haysboro Community Centre.

Colley-Urquhart, who, along with her family, has lived in the riding for 30 years, said a jump to provincial politics was a logical step.

“It feels like a natural thing to do,” she said, noting the friendships and relationships she has built in the constituency over the past three decades.

The Ward 13 alderman says it’s business as usual for her at city hall until the premier drops the election writ — and at that time, she will take a leave from council until the election is complete.

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