In Cologne you can feel quite relaxed walking by the Rhine or with a Kölsch in your hand.
This German city will excite all of your senses.

The cathedral and the museums
The Kölner Dom survived the severe bombings of the Second World War. When visiting this gothic masterpiece don’t forget to climb the staircase up to the tower, unless you suffer from vertigo. Also don’t miss the Museum Ludwig with an important Pop Art Collection and the City Museum where you’ll see why Eau is de Cologne…

Summerjam Festival
Cologne has Europe’s largest reggae, dancehall and World Music festival. The Summerjam Festival brings Caribbean colours and rhythms to Cologne between July 2 and 4. All year long, enjoy classical music, pop or jazz at Kölnarena, Musical Dome and endless clubs. The central clubbing scene is around Zülpicher St. and Luxemburger St.

Bratwurst or Hämmche
Try bratwurst (sausage) or the brahauswurst (sausage in brewery style) and sauerkraut at the old brewery Früh, near the Dom. Friendly and busy, there you’ll feel the true spirit of a bierhaus with simple food and local specialities for the adventurous like Kölsche Kaviar (black pudding with onions) or Hämmche (boiled knuckle of pork).


In the country where beer rules, each region has its own kind of brewing beer. Kölsch can be found only in Cologne and is very tasty and light. However be careful: it’s also the name of the local language, so Kölsch can be either spoken or drunk

A camera

Not only because the city is visually amazing, but because Cologne is Germany’s Hollywood, especially for crime TV series.


Pedestrian Hohe St. is a one-mile heaven for shopping, with department stores, while the Belgian Quarter has shops of designers and off-mainstream fashion. Bring your credit card.

Go to the Wrong Side
The banks alongside the Rhine couldn’t be more different in Cologne. The left side, with the city centre and the Old Town, has it all. The right side has a shadowy existence. Cologners even call it the Schäl Sick, or the Wrong Side.

Dat es Kappes!
If you want to mingle and look like a local say something in Kölsch, the dialect of Cologne. Dat es Kappes! is a funny and non-offensive way of saying ‘that is stupid.’

Don’t ask for an alt in Cologne. That’s the beer brewed in the neighbor city Dusseldorf. So choose wisely: Kölsch bitte.

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