Comcast contacts unhappy customer's employer, gets him fired: Report

comcast customer service satellite van Another ugly customer dispute? Must be Comcast.
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From terrible customer service to being named the worst company in America, Comcast hasn't endeared itself to its customers. But this time, the cable provider may have crossed a line.



Consumerist is reporting that a former Comcast customer was fired from his job at an accounting firm after his drawn-out battle to resolve various billing disputes with the cable company: numerous calls to resolve the issues, uncompleted work orders, unsolicited equipment and other missteps.


After one of those calls, Comcast apparently contacted the law firm where the man worked and had received good employee reviews. The man, identified only as Conal, was subsequently fired.

The response from Comcast? The customer shouldn't be surprised.

In response to a letter from Conal’s lawyer — he has not filed a lawsuit, but it’s not out of the question — Comcast’s Senior Deputy General Counsel admits that the company did contact Conal’s employer but says that Conal “is not in a position to complain that the firm came to learn” about his dispute with Comcast.

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