The star of The Hills is going a little stir crazy. Kneeling on her seat, Lauren Conrad is spinning the swivelling chair around in the boardroom of Holt Renfrew’s corporate headquarters, saying something to her publicist, who is not really paying attention because she’s busy checking her BlackBerry.

The reality TV star was in town Saturday to launch the latest collection in her clothing line and it’s been a packed day of interviews. She snaps back into professional mode when the interview starts, but the short chair ride is a reminder of just how young the 22-year-old is.

“Sorry, I’ve been in this room for hours,” she says in her slight California accent. “And I’m a little sleep deprived.”

Oh, we know. Anybody who’s watched The Hills knows all about Conrad’s busy life of friends, boys, clubbing and, of course, the drama that ensues on this pseudo-reality show.

Whatever your take on how fake it is, the reality is The Hills returned for the second half of its third season last week after a three-month break and set record ratings.

The episode featured Conrad and her fellow Teen Vogue intern Whitney Port jetting off to Paris to help with the Crillon Ball.

Hills-torians know Conrad missed her chance to go to the City of Light at the end of the first season to stay and live with Jason Wahler, her boyfriend at the time. So going this time was a dream come true.

“Paris was amazing. The city itself was great, but it was a little overwhelming because we worked the entire time,” she says. Of course, she’d go back in a minute and preferably without cameras — as if it would make any difference.

Conrad is so hot she’s in that strange zone of celeb-reality where even when the MTV cameras are off, she’s fodder for paparazzi and every utterance she makes sends the celebrity blogs into overdrive.

There are rumours surrounding comments she made about a possible The Hills movie, which, she says, were taken out of context.

“There’s no movie in the works. I think it’d be too difficult to do,” she says. “The way they film the show, they have to hope for things to happen. You know, a movie, there’s a formula to it, there’s a beginning, a climax and an end. Our show is like hope for the best. Or worst, I guess.”