Albertans might want to think twice before pressing ignore on that “587” number popping up on the call display.

It’s not a telemarketer — it’s just the new Alberta area code, and according to Telus spokesperson Chris Gerritsen, there are now thousands of them in the province.

“I think we as Albertans embrace change and I think this is just something we will have to get used to and it will eventually become second nature,” he said of the new digits.

“I think we’re starting to see more of the new area codes recently.”

Gerritsen said most of the new numbers are being assigned to cellphone numbers because of the influx in new technology.

“Soon it will be as common as the ‘403’ or the ‘780’ area codes,” Gerritsen added.

Calgarian Crystal Matthews, 26, is one of the first waves of people in the city to have the new area code assigned. She doesn’t mind the new number, except most people think she is calling long distance.

“It seems like people actually avoid the calls until I finally get through, they realize it’s me,” she said.