“Shouldn’t the Raptors be winning over fans now that they’re starting to win some games?”


Another sportscaster is in jeopardy of losing his job after making a remark that some suggest was anti-Semitic.


Sean Salisbury, a former NFL and CFL quarterback, finds himself in an uncomfortable position after discussing Peyton Manning on ESPN last Sunday. Describing Manning’s calm mindset in the second half of the Colts’ come-from-behind victory over the Patriots in the AFC championship game, Salisbury said, “No need to panic. We’ll nip. We’ll tuck. We’ll go. We’ll crunch.”


And then, depending on whom you believe, Salisbury either said, “We’ll chew,” or “We’ll Jew,” before adding, “We’ll do it all, and they nickel and dimed them and Peyton made the plays when it mattered.”

Salisbury, an 11-year veteran of ESPN, has vehemently denied saying “We’ll Jew.”

“I said crunch and chew,” he insisted. “I don’t know where a Jewish comment would have any place in talking about a quarterback driving down the field.”

ESPN is reviewing the matter. Last October, Steve Lyons was fired as a baseball analyst for Fox after making what his ex-bosses perceived as anti-Hispanic remarks.

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•I couldn’t stand the thought of watching the NHL’s all-star garbage, er, game Wednesday night so I accompanied my brother to the Raptors’ tilt and was baffled by all the empty seats. I mean, shouldn’t the Raptors be winning over fans now that they’re starting to win some games? ... Lakers guard Smush Parker is the NBA’s lowest-paid starter, at $798,000 US ... Moviemaker Spike Lee is considering this for his next venture: The LeBrons, which would feature the characters portrayed by LeBron James in his Nike commercials.

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